Chinese New Year Shopping!!

I should be doing my homework now, but here I am. *>V<*

Chinese New Year is coming soon (on Vdays Day!) and its one great reason to shop for new clothes!
Few weeks back, I bought a dress online as a back-up plan if I couldnt find anything nice. Well, late last month, I received my dress in the mail!

[image lost]

(do you like my awesome paint job? in an attempt to hide my address with my touchpad?)

[image lost]

(sorry for the cam whore photo angle)

I didnt like the length of the dress. If its shorter, itll be great! *haha!!*  However, it looks pretty nice on the model. Am I short or is the dress just long?

[image lost]

The dress is real pretty right? There is a black version, which in my opinion is way nicer. But, its rude to wear black on Chinese New Year since the Chinese believe black is bad luck. In todays 21st century, a little black details is okay. Talking about Chinese and Luck, I decided to do a youtube video on Chinese tradition. Itll be awesome and inspiring? *>V<*

Anyway, I think I did shop enough to last through Chinese New Year (2 days).  Not wearing my new dress, just in case.

I went shopping at Bugis Village. I know! Bugis Village, land of the cheap. I feel embarrassed whenever I tell people where I got my Chinese New Year clothes from. BUT!! I didnt buy my dresses from those cheap, low quality $10 shop houses. I bought mine in a small shop with lots of Japanese inspired clothes. Its expensive and so not like the rest of what the shops are selling.

In total, Ive spend a little over a hundred. Well, its worth it for such nice clothes. I really wanted to show you how my dresses look like but its so pretty I want to keep it a secret until the time for me to wear it.

Oh, do you think I look pretty with makeup?

[image lost]

Just added a simple blush. I think I look pretty but Im afraid my boyfriend would think otherwise.
He like me looking natural, without makeup. (aww~ so sweet right)

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