Cher Top and Peanut Definition

Got my cher top few days ago

[image lost]

Before the term break, I asked my friend to buy a cher top since he was going back to China.
Initially I ordered this top from SuperSnap, however the spree was cancelled. Im still trying to get my refund back from the spree organizer!

Anyway, I was devastated! I really wanted that top.

After like searching on the net for so long, I found another cher top but of a different design.

[image lost]

I was like Its still a cher top even though I dont wear tube tops and I didnt like the cutting.
My friend then found an amazing alternative at Blythe Zoo. Sadly, it was sold out.
So, he bought me the one I asked him too. Im going to have it altered as it is a bit too big. (Might slip down if I wear it out!)

I couldnt resist taking more photos of me wearing it.

[image lost]

What do you think of it? Too girly? Sexy? Or its awesome? *>V<* Its not authentic though.

Ohh! I was eating Snickers a few days back when I saw something written inside of the wrapper.
Peeled it off and it was this cute peanut definition.

[image lost]

It says

Peanutopolis /pE-nut-a-pu-lis\ (noun). A state of mind making you feel very strong and powerful, almost mayor-like.

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