I am, a princess.

I think people should have high confidence. 😀 Like me.
There are times when I do feel insecure about my body but still, you must believe that you are pretty!

[image lost]

The tiara is so cute right? My second sister (Sharon) bought it for my youngest sister (Joyanna) when they had a sister-sister outing. So unfair! I wanted to join them but I had something on.

And my car tank top is so kiddishly cute! My boyfriend bought it for me when he went to Taiwan last year. The print is supposed to be darker but it went really light when I photoshoped the image.

Look! Its my boyfriend!


Anyway, school is a killer. Like MAJOR killer.
I have so many homework!!! For every lesson, there is one homework. And each homework takes up like 2-3hours each time?
Do the math, I have 8 subjects.

Anyway, I can feel myself progressing from a lazy bum into someone hardworking. :D Its still not enough yet though.

(few weeks ago)
I sleep at 3AM!!
FRIENDS: 3AM only? I didnt even sleep at all!

Because of that incident, I stayed up all night last week to do my paper jewelry homework. GUESS WHAT? The string snapped and all my paper beads went onto the floor.

Totally gave up and went to school with nothing.

God was looking over me because the teacher decided to extend the dateline. (: And my new design was much, much, more better than my originals.
I feel so blessed. (:


I wore this to school today, what do you think of the dress/print?


Oh, and I bought Hello Kitty earrings! Super cute!!!!

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